Coopservice, a Digital Journey with Extra Red and Red Hat

event 05 aprile 2023

Coopservice with Red Hat and Extra Red

Hybrid cloud architecture is identified by companies as the framework capable of offering the broadest flexibility required to enable digital transformation pathways and achieve the agility necessary to realize services and projects based on market needs and conditions.
However, introducing innovation in a company through digital and cloud technologies also increases the level of complexity within IT environments. That's why, in addition to the willingness to transform in order to enhance business and resources, it's also important to introduce the technologies that are truly necessary. This involves identifying the right path, along with technological partners, and for the successful implementation of projects, collaborating with pathway partners, where system integrators play a crucial role in these aspects.

This is the approach that Coopservice has taken, leveraging Red Hat solutions and the partner Extra Red to bring their projects to fruition.

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Coopservice with Red Hat and Extra Red