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We are a Technology Service Provider: we focus on our resources to provide you with high value-added services and projects based on market-leading technologies, while partnering with the main IT vendors.

Cloud, DevOps, Automation: synergy and scalability to revolutionize data management

Cloud has now become an essential tool for any company in a phase of rapid growth. But we at Extra Red are going even further: through a deep collaboration between sysadmins and DevOps, as well as advanced automation, innovation and business process retooling, we can take you to the very core of the Digital Transformation.

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Middleware, Integration and API Management to harmonize your business processes

One business, many platforms. Today, all companies are required to manage the complexity that comes from using many different systems. Without Middleware, it wouldn't be possible to transfer data between separate applications and tools. Thanks to Extra Red, you'll have an actual distributed system whose value is much higher than the sum of its parts.

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Big Data, Business Intelligence, AI: drive your business through the most strategic information

In a company, the people who make decisions need to be able to rely on correct and constantly updated information. Today, success depends on the availability and management of data, the real liquid gold of the third millennium. We extract it from the web and refine it for you by developing platforms built for supporting your decisions, making your business ready to change in alignment with the market.

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Digital Experience: impress your customers with experiences beyond their expectations

Today, we're used to high standards. When using applications and websites, we want immediacy, simplicity, intuitiveness. Because of this, it becomes necessary to update the way applications are presented. By developing portals specifically created for your users' needs, Extra Red can help you make any digital experience truly extraordinary.

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