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More and more organizations are using multiple systems, both internal and external to the company, to meet the needs of individual departments or specific product sectors. The range of requests includes tools for time attendance, CRMs to manage customers, ERP systems to record invoices, order reception, and so on.
The prevalent lack of standardized and shared data among the various existing applications requires managing heterogeneous data sets and performing mapping and correlation logic. This leads management to seek business support solutions.
This type of scenario can be resolved by using a Middleware Layer for management, capable of addressing this lack and reorganizing the reception/sending of data between applications by customizing the mapping as required by each application. It replaces the missing translation between data without modifying the structure of the applications as they are (AS IS).

How middleware works: management through APIs

Middleware and integration frameworks, in general, are software components designed to connect separate systems, transferring data between applications and allowing them to work together synergistically. They essentially act as intermediaries, bridging and translating between autonomous services.

Middleware developers must be able to eliminate information incompatibility while enhancing its value. This requires a strong ability to analyze the correct interoperability of data, ensuring the execution of true distributed systems.

The functionalities of middleware systems are typically accessed through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), interfaces that allow two or more applications to communicate with each other.

The Extra Red team can help you manage API systems by providing an Enterprise-level service through the use of an API Management Layer, which enables external clients to securely consume functionalities exposed by a cloud application. To achieve this, an API usage contract must be defined and published in a catalog, making them accessible, reusable, and searchable.

Why develop a new functionality from scratch within the company's application portfolio when an existing API can provide it? Middleware guarantees all of this by adapting to the company's systems..

Middleware services you can't do without

For many years, at Extra Red, we have been carrying out integration projects in various areas, including:

  • Application interoperability
  • Business process management and optimization
  • Development of microservices architectures (MSA) designed using modular architectural approaches.

We work as excellent interpreters who not only perform basic translations but also mediate between different technological cultures to make information from distinct platforms understandable and coherent.

We can help you flow information between the various software applications within your organization, creating specific functionalities that allow you to access control from a single environment, guaranteeing:

  • Continuous data updates
  • Improved service maintenance management
  • Identification of data management bottlenecks between applications
  • Custom correlation between heterogeneous data
  • Data transaction security
  • Robust architectures on scalable systems
  • Business process management and control.

servizi mw

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