Web & mobile applications and DXPs

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Today, web users are becoming more and more demanding. When they surf online, they move quickly from an environment to the other, requiring simplicity and fluency. Often, the value they perceive in an application isn’t aligned with the functions the application provides. A messy interface, a counterintuitive browsing, some unattractive graphics; these are all factors that can push even a well-built, strong and scalable application out of the market. If you want users to choose your application and you wish them to be satisfied by it and keep using it, you need to have a well-finished interface in order to make the most of the modern digital channels (web, mobile, social media) and to increase value for the users who interact with them.

Digital Experience Platforms

The need to satisfy the demands of those new users always looking for intense, customized experiences led to the birth of DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) as an evolution of CMS platforms. Gartner defines DXPs as “an integrated and cohesive piece of technology designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multiexperience customer journeys”. Therefore, DXPs are systems created not only for managing digital content, but also for handling the ongoing changes, in a context of technological innovation and with an approach that’s becoming more and more multi-channel and multi-device, needing to focus on the customer experience regardless of their interaction touchpoint (website, mobile app, e-commerce). These platforms can integrate specific functions such as:

  • Document Management: it allows to add, modify and update documents and text or graphic content within the portal;
  • Analytics: it allows to represent data graphically through smart searching, dashboards, and interactive reports;
  • Experience Management: it allows to manage the customer’s experience and find opportunities for improvement by monitoring their interactions.

We make your customer's experiences unique

Today, web applications, mobile applications and portals that can aggregate services and content represent the natural completion of the large distributed architectures, powerful and scalable. Due to the vast landscape of languages, frameworks and tools populating the IT world nowadays, it’s understandable how the creation of such components requires strong tech knowledge but also understanding of the client’s needs and a strong preparation in the field of digital communication. We at Extra Red, with our many years of experience, can improve your clients’ Digital Experience as well as allow you to reach a broader range of users. We are the ideal partners: we combine different expertise and we are able to create customized, complete solutions, such as:

  • Customer Service Portal: for digitalizing customer services and improving the Customer Experience;
  • Product Service Portal: for digitalizing the product lifecycle and monitoring the production process;
  • Enterprise Service Portal: for digitalizing the business processes and improving the operational efficiency;
  • Intranet Portal: for allowing employees to rapidly find the information they need, therefore increasing their productivty and efficiency. 

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