Coopservice: Hybrid Cloud with RH OpenShift on Azure

event12 dicembre 2018

Coopservice: Hybrid Cloud with RH OpenShift on Azure
Coopservice operates in many different sectors, including Healthcare, Public Administration, Manufacturing, Transport, Large-Scale Distribution and Trade, Banking and Insurance, Smart City and Services for the citizen
Modernizing the IT environment by implementing a hybrid cloud model to reduce the time to market when developing new applications and/or maintaining the existing ones
Implementing and managing a hybrid cloud solution based on Red Hat OpenShift
Coopservice: Hybrid Cloud with RH OpenShift on Azure

Coopservice is a cooperative made of more than 17.000 workers, designing and offering services such as energy and facility management, security and policing, cargo handling and logistics, cleaning and sanitizing. The partnership between Coopservice and Extra Red started in 2017, and has been going on thanks to Extra Red’s expertise in implementing and managing Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

The hybrid cloud solution is based on three Red Hat OpenShift clusters:

  • two clusters hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • one cluster on-premise

The solution allows the client to reduce the time to market related to the development of complex applications, switching from a monolithic approach to microservices, as well as leading the ecosystem of vendors towards a unified deploy platform that can host all the legacy applications compatible with the new microservice components.

The solution increases efficiency and reduces costs, as well as reducing development and deploy time, making the infrastructure more rational and decreasing maintenance costs. Moreover, we perfected a Disaster Recovery plan for the on-premise cluster through ODF and GitOps flows.