Coopservice: the Kimer@ app

event19 gennaio 2022

Coopservice: the Kimer@ app
Coopservice Soc.coop.p.A
Coopservice operates in many different sectors, including Healthcare, Public Administration, Manufacturing, Transport, Large-Scale Distribution and Trade, Banking and Insurance, Smart City and Services for the citizen
Making the work of employees more efficient and effective, thus increasing their productivity
Development of a mobile app for employees
Coopservice: the Kimer@ app

Coopservice is a cooperative made of more than 17.000 workers, designing and offering services such as energy and facility management, security and policing, cargo handling and logistics, cleaning and sanitizing.

The project involved creating a mobile app developed using React, interacting with an internal corporate application built on microservices and exposing APIs for the management of the mobile app itself. By using the mobile app, Coopservice employees can therefore check shifts and place of work, vacation and leave, payslip and final amounts.