Crea: the new institutional portal

event23 novembre 2018

Consiglio Ricerca Agricola ed Economia Agraria
Consiglio Ricerca Agricola ed Economia Agraria (CREA)
Public research dedicated to the agri-food industry
Redesigning and remaking the new CREA portal
Creating a better-structured portal and other sub-sites for the various CREA research centers

CREA is the main Italian research institution dedicated to the agri-food industry under public law, with a separate legal identity, supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (Masaf). Its scientific competences are related to agriculture, zootechnics, fishing, forestry, agro-industry and nutrition, up to the socio-economic sphere.

The new portal was made using the Liferay platform, thus introducing many improvements at an editorial level and revolutioning the architecture of space and information.

Moreover, external data related to research and research center patents were integrated, as well as the authentication with the institution’s Active Directory. The solution allows to:

  • rapidly access the information, thanks to a search engine based on Elastic Search that allows for a quick and easy information retrieval;
  • easily navigate the various sections of the Crea institution and research centers, thanks to the new portal structure, and benefit from a simplified content editing mode thanks to modern interfaces which make updating the portal information easier.