Leghorn harbor: a portal for managing cruise and ferry arrivals and departures

event09 gennaio 2020

Porto di Livorno 2000 s.r.l.
Porto di Livorno 2000 s.r.l.
Maritime transport and related services
Digitalizing and improving the multi-discipline processes related to ship allocation on the docks, as well as to the services and accesses to the Leghorn harbor
Creating a multi-function, multi-channel web portal

The client operates within the Leghorn harbor on a total surface of about 110.000sqm, offering a vast array of services including the management of the Cruise Terminal, the Maritime Station, the information services, the parking and the transport of passengers within the harbor.
The interoperable platform allowed handling of the docks, services and accesses within the Leghorn harbor, focusing on the digitalization and dematerialization of the following aspects:

  • planning of the ship arrivals on the docks by generating “Service Orders” for the employees via an enabling web interface;
  • harbor access booking for Taxis and vehicles for hire with control of the access code through a mobile device at the gates;
  • harbor security management (dock control, patrol, parking, semi-trailers…) through checklists and mobile device functions;
  • shuttlebus ticket selling by the hostesses on the docks through SmartPos devices.

As part of the project, apart from the web portal, a SmartPos mobile app was developed and integrated with legacy software (SAP), allowing to digitalize and dematerialize the processes and workflows within the harbor.