Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management

event 01 giugno 2023

Advanced management of multi-cluster Kubernetes and disaster recovery solutions

At Extra Red, we truly believe in the values of sharing, disseminating knowledge, and continuous training. That's why every month we organize an event called the Red Symposium, where we talk about a bit of everything, from projects to innovative technologies we are working on or experimenting with.

Thursday, May 18th was a great opportunity to have our own Tommaso Macchioni and Nicolò Tumino, respectively DevOps Engineer and Cloud System Engineer, talk about a very interesting tool for multi-cloud management with Red Hat Openshift as well as vanilla Kubernetes: Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.

RHACM is a solution that allows controlling Kubernetes clusters and applications from a single console equipped with integrated security policies. In particular, it enables the creation, update, and deletion of Kubernetes clusters deployed across multiple public and private clouds, the deployment of legacy and cloud-native applications, ensuring security compliance, and consequently reducing operational costs.

Tommaso and Nicolò showed us specifically how we are managing multi-clouds with gitOps techniques using RHACM, and how we are handling disaster recovery of dedicated clusters with very refined and interesting policies.

RHACM is one of the tools that Red Hat is heavily focusing on, as the topic of multi-cloud and its subsequent management is becoming increasingly urgent in the enterprise services landscape. Some of its features are still in Tech Preview, and we are already experimenting with them in order to promptly and successfully offer them to our clients.