Unipi 2023 Seminar: Strategies of AMM (Application Modernization and Migration)

event 20 aprile 2023

Training and future are two words that seemingly do not have a strong correlation, yet I am convinced that they are extremely close to each other: today's training implies the future outcome. If the former is of quality, so will be the latter.

At Extra Red, we strongly believe in the importance of training, and for years we have had a splendid relationship with the institution that excels in this field. Today, we visited the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa to conduct a seminar as part of Professor Antonio Brogi's "Cloud Computing" course, whom we thank for his availability and professionalism.

We professionals know that the topic is vast and provides excellent insights to share with university students, helping them form an idea of what awaits them when they embark on their journey into the working world. Our CTO, Davide Carmelo Costanza, discussed a typical snapshot of cloud migration projects and the underlying concepts, such as migration strategies, 12-factor apps, and the pillars of observability. Meanwhile, our HR Specialist, Oriana Bassiu, explained who we are and what we can offer to those who are interested in interning with us.

This is already the fifth year that we have been offering this seminar, and the results have been excellent and enticing: many students have chosen to intern with us, and most of them have decided to stay and work with us. We have helped ambitious and talented young individuals become professionals 😎, which, in addition to being an excellent investment for the future, also brings us immense satisfaction.