What is Angular: An Overview of the Popular Front-End Framework and Its Latest Updates

event 20 aprile 2023

The discussion between remote work and in-person work continues to be a debated topic: which is better, one or the other, or perhaps a hybrid approach? There are pros and cons to both cases because while working from home offers the convenience of time flexibility, it also means losing the face-to-face human interaction with colleagues who are more than just colleagues, but friends or people we respect and enjoy the company of. This happens not only during coffee breaks where we chat about various topics but also in work-related contexts.

In medio stat virtus, as wise individuals have said long ago, so it is a good idea to work towards optimizing the positive aspects of both approaches to enhance the quality of life (which includes work, a significant part of our lives) for all of us and enable the company to continuously improve.

The Red Symposium is also about this: we share interesting projects, work methodologies, or developments, and as we did yesterday afternoon, technologies, in a hybrid format that combines in-person and online presence. This time, Andrea Polidoro, from Rome, gave us an excellent explanation of Angular and its latest updates, showing us a use case that utilizes REST services built with Quarkus, which we had created for a previous Red Symposium. Many of us followed the session, some from the Pontedera office, others from various locations in Tuscany, and even from different parts of Italy, in a mode that transitioned to online during the first lockdown and has now become hybrid. Those who are in the office can then stay for an aperitivo (and maybe even have dinner together), but during those moments, we are all together.