Piaggio: sentiment analysis to support marketing strategies

event08 novembre 2016

Sentiment Analysis, an extra weapon for Piaggio
Piaggio & C.
Scooters, motorcycles and light three- and four-wheel transport branded Piaggio, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi
Analyzing data generated on Facebook for handling social media presence, defining an editorial plan and supporting marketing strategies
Using Sentiment Analysis technologies to identify topics and emotions

The client needs no introduction: let’s just say that it’s an important Italian producer of two-wheel engine vehicles and commercial vehicles. Piaggio has made two of the most famous Italian industrial design products in the world, the Vespa scooter and the Ape three-wheeler.

Through the use of heterogeneous technologies and methodologies such as:

  • text mining techniques which combine data mining and machine learning with information retrieval and natural language processing
  • entity extraction techniques, that is the identification of categories such as people names, company names, brands, tourist sites and more, within a text
  • Sentiment Analysis technologies for identifying topics and emotions

The following objectives were achieved:

  • support to specific marketing activities through the knowledge of customer interests and preferences
  • individuation of the most talked-about and discussed topics
  • definition of a model to predict the success of a post