Prime Minister's Office, Monitor Project: monitoring the performance of government program implementation

event14 gennaio 2016

Progetto Monitor: Business Intelligence per la PA
Prime Minister's Office
Central Public Administration
The need for a tool to retrieve and analyze data related to government program implementation in order to create a monitoring tool
Creation of a data warehouse system and a dedicated Business Intelligence platform

This activity was carried out following the awarding of a public tender and was implemented in close collaboration with the Office for the Government Program, the office responsible for monitoring and controlling political-ministerial directives by reviewing commitments made in parliamentary settings, within the European Union, or resulting from international agreements.

A solution based on the use of the open-source Pentaho Business Analytics Suite was developed to create a data warehouse system that tracks and monitors the history of measures, and organizes information in a consistent and cohesive manner. This solution also enables data analysis activities through ad hoc reports, dashboards, and an OLAP system (an interface that allows for independent construction of reports).