Sanità Toscana: CAST (Cooperazione Applicativa in Sanità Toscana)

event11 maggio 2015

Sanità Toscana: CAST (Cooperazione Applicativa in Sanità Toscana)
Public Health
Creation of messaging integrations between departmental software
Implementation and maintenance of a complex middleware infrastructure for managing collaborative applications
Sanità Toscana: CAST (Cooperazione Applicativa in Sanità Toscana)

ESTAR (Regional Administrative Technical Support Authority), established by the Tuscany Region to optimize regional public health spending through centralized and standardized management, serves as the unique central purchasing unit for the system. It operates across the entire regional territory and is divided into three territorial sections of the Vast Area: Northwest, Central, and Southeast.

The implemented solution is based on Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB technology and is used for the transformation and management of numerous integrations made with legacy technologies, introducing a modular, scalable integration layer that facilitates message flow through conversion, tracking, enrichment, and data modification in the appropriate format, without requiring intervention from external applications.

The infrastructure implemented allows communication between departmental software systems in Sanità Toscana (Tuscan Healthcare), enabling interoperability and communication among them by ensuring the seamless circulation of information between applications, systems, and personal identities within corporate networks and the Tuscany region. This defines gateway and proxy services towards national systems.